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Ute Lemper in Paris- Youkali-tango (Weill)

Ute Lemper sings my favorite Kurt Weill song, "Youkali" (tango/habanera), about man's yearning for a utopian paradise of his most profound dreams and desires, ending in inevitable disillusionment.

Lemper's voice has been called an acquired taste, but it's one well worth acquiring. She certainly doesn't have the polish or refinement of some classically-trained divas who have recorded Weill (i.e. Stratas, von Otter, Farley, Reaux). Lemper easily eclipses them, however, when it comes to phrasing, mood painting, and diction. She gets the FEELING just right, and that makes her two Weill albums on Decca (as well as her recording of The Threepenny Opera) essential listening for any Weill enthusiast.

Lyrics and translation for "Youkali" can be found at the following link:

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